The Terroir

The terroir of western Istria

The terroir of western Istria, Wine Fiore, Umag, Istria, CroatiaThe locality of Umaština (Humagum in Latin) — whose toponym originated from a combination of the Celtic word “magus”, designating farmland, and the Latin “humus”, meaning fertile land — has all of the necessary attributes for the production of wines, olive oil, and other top quality agricultural products.
The personality of great Istrian wines

We put down our roots in the terroir of western Istria near the city of Umag, certain that our winemaking skills would, one day, in harmony with the perfection of nature, breed special wines. We were not mistaken.

The hot summer sun helps ensure that our vines reach optimum growth during their vegetative cycle, and the great differences in daytime and night-time temperature before the harvest encourage uniform ripening and healthy growth.

The result — phenomenal grapes.

The sea, just a few hundred metres from our vineyards, maintains the moderate Mediterranean climate throughout the winter and enriches our wines with a mineral note and pleasant, exotic aromas.

The sun, the sea, red soil, wind, and the hands of man — these are the key elements of our terroir responsible for the superb quality of our wines.